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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Friend Me Mr. President

President Obama is a legal fiction. He is the product of the greatest demographic study in all history. According to the Hitchhiker's Guide: "Presidents don't have power; they divert attention from those who do."

When he was elected, I was as excited as a child, finally getting to try the latest Kellogs product. The Obama Campaign was a brilliant play, absorbing the audience to thunderous applause, across the country and around the world.

And those who defend him today? Are they defending the person of Obama, or do they pine for the legal fiction they dreamt as a child?

I don't care about the President Obama. The truth is that the person of Obama is owned by the same bastards that own everything else.  I don't expect him to kick down the doors of the Federal Reserve Bank.

He has no true freedom; but he has earned his place on the Stage. That's why I've so enjoyed his orations. As in Shakespeare, he plays the lead brilliantly.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Illusions & Dreams

The topic is "Indonesia". I'm sure if Jay Leno walked the streets with his camera, he'd find that most people don't care (or even know) about Indonesia. Some people do. Some people are interested in the greater world around us. I'm sure anyone reading here is too.

Indonesia is a brutal dictatorship, supported by all US Presidents since Carter. Few know of their genocide of the people of East Timor, but that's just a true, sick detail. Labor is cheap in Indonesia as with most nations outside the UN Security Council.

Sure, I recognize the monetary connection to this and the post-WW2 history. But think of what the Republican Party is doing now, today. Look at what they advocate.

How many platforms of the Tea Party coincide with the actual situation in Indonesia? Medicare, Social Security, Regulations, Liberal Poppycock? None of that there. It's all business.

Is that the Liberty that the Republican Party offers America?

Would they, as the Heritage Foundation would argue, privatize every aspect of government including the Military?  Blackwater & KBL looking for new markets?  New investments?

For decades after WW2, we Americans have enjoyed privileges just by our citizenship.  This will eventually end, and we will be no better off than the poor peons in Liberia, Guatemala, Afghanistan or Indonesia where democracy is an illusion, and liberty a dream.