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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Bullet Point Policy

A short list of US fiscal and monetary policies I've adopted under the general argument of "democratic capitalism" and in context of monetary sovereignty:


1.  Reduce or eliminate regressive consumption and payroll taxes, while retaining land and severance taxes.

2.  Raise the federal standard deduction to $100k.

3.  End corporate taxes by treating dividends as income.


4.  Extend large, systemic federal grants to fund every state, county and city government in the nation for public infrastructure development and employment.

5.  Extend citizen benefits to include health insurance, full pensions and free education.


6.  Separate our banking system from the financial sector, by prohibiting the resale of mortgages and other controls, and lift the cap on FDIC to insure all deposits.

7.  Set the FFR at 1/4%, carve it in stone and leave it there.

That's my list.