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Friday, July 8, 2011

"Tea Party and the New Bolshevism"

The world today is rising in revolution. It will wash on our shores, and when the flood collapses the confidence of the US Government, a new order will rise.

In order to compare the Tea Party and Bolshevism, it is first important that these terms be defined.  I am referring to the marketing side of these movements, and not to the participation side.

It is presumed here that (1) both movements were well financed, (2) they will both follow a flag, and that (3) any “new order” will be born of “citizens” (in the Heinlein sense), loyal to the Founders.

I should note that I’m not making comparison with either the American Revolution nor the rise of Nazi Germany as they are so overplayed and really not as interesting.

The Tea Party is a fiction created as any pop star is created. You have money, then you have friends. Millions of dollars into really glossy brochures, buttons and signs, get in the Keysey bus and ride across America singing “Born to be Wild”… this can create an impact.

And mega millions were dumped into this media blitz that has persisted for 2 years. Who pays for the ride? The same people that paid for Bolshevism on the docks of St. Petersburg. Well, not the same-same people, but you get my point.

Consider what’s happening throughout the world, at the same time this little parade show is going on here in the US. If you think the IMF and EU are having problems, how long before the virus reaches the system core? And who will come out on top in the end?

The secret is in the propaganda that they have been selling to us, the principles and rhetoric of ‘conservatism’. This includes the rhetoric of ‘anarchism’, ‘anarcho-capitalism’, and other cult beliefs. The programmes they have written will become the lexicon of the new order, just as bolshevism established ownership of the USSR.

This is not about religion. In fact, the uprisings throughout the world have nothing to do with religion, a far cry from the wars of the Middle Ages. The Tea Party, however, has a big God component, and has been dominated by the old religious right since its inception.

The Tea Party will not lead the uprisings in America. It will simply organize. I am betting that they will develop this idea in 2012, and if the country breaks into rebellion, it will maintain nationwide authority of….

The same people that provided the enthusiasm, the Hope, the call to arms, and put the Bolsheviks in power.. Banking Interests! It is no small consideration that Gold Standard is at the core of conservative economic theory, and that it serves the interests of Wealth.

The Bolsheviks put in power a Socialist Republic, with State control over all aspects of the economy. What sort of Republic would a corporate takeover of the US look like? Whatever the fantasy model is, you can bet it will have control over all aspects of the economy.

Now, the levels of conservative rhetoric go from Theocracy to Anarchy. Those ideas are more similar IMO than they are separate, but that’s another topic. Do you think any part of this babbling we hear day by day (of which I’m a part) about government is going to matter when America looks like Egypt does today?

Actually, I’d like to think it does. I’d like to think that we’re smart enough as common people to think for ourselves, to figure out what’s right and wrong, and to agree to certain ideas of social order. We don’t need Dr. Strangelove to save our society after a collapse.

And we don’t need the Tea Party to guide us into the next phase of civilization.