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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Test Blog

If this thing actually works, it's gonna be a great tool to link with other communications options like FB and my website.

Testing, testing, crossing my fingers...


  1. Vernon.......I support you. But, on 'free markets' me one in the real world. Just ONE please. Free markets exist in one place only....on the blackboard in ECON 101. In Econ, the free market is completely theoretical. There are certain criteria for a market to be considered 'free', and at least two of the criteria are never met in the real world. Criteria one: Completely educated consumers, aware of the real cost and benefit of the products or services offered in the market. Criteria two: No barriers to entry for competitors in the market.

    I too believe in 'free market principles', but that means that we must ensure that the criteria above are fulfilled to the greatest extent practical. If law and regulation accomplishes this, then we have indeed served the common good.

    Good luck and thank you for getting involved.

  2. John: I completely agree with you. The principle of free markets is a good one, but I am not of the opinion that regulation or law isn't necessary to protect us as equal citizens in those markets.

    I have been through OSHA, DOT and EPA audits, and I am struck by the complete lack of focus by these agencies on the protection of ... well, YOU. I'm afraid these regulatory models are "implicitly corrupt". We need better models of regulation that actually protect us and access to these "free" markets.

    I'm not working from a playbook or manifesto or anything. These are just my opinions, and I try my best to speak on behalf of those without voice. Thank you so much for caring about what's going on in the world, and for engaging me with your comment.

  3. In reviewing John's comment, I realize that I've come to a deeper understanding of the issue (hopefully). My current position is that a "free" market implies free access to that market, access that should be secured by government.

    However, the term "free market" most importantly applies to international trade and the tariff issue. There can be no question as to the correlation between the ending of US tariffs and the flight of manufacturing from the US.

    Raising tariffs back to 30% would greatly improve our economy. Free trade within the US, fair trade with other countries. Sound ok?

    And by "free trade within the US", I'm not referring to ending regulations. Civil protection and infrastructure are essential to free trade. I stand by my original opinion that we need "better models of regulation" than the corrupt system we have now.