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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You Say You Want a Revolution? Seriously?

I am always critical of any calls for a “2nd American Revolution”.  That war was already fought in 1861, and you’d be surprised how many take the revisionist side of the Confederacy.

A tyranny by a state is no different than a tyranny by a nation. We have neither at this point. Sure, our legislatures are ALL owned by wall street lobbyists (and a few unions), and our debt-money system is impoverishing our society.

But take a CLOSE LOOK at the money behind the Tea Party and the conservative think tanks that fuel this fire: CATO, the Heritage Foundation, Americans for Prosperity, Freedom Works… all financed by big, big money from… you know where.

Learn the word “plutocracy” and decide if that’s what you really want. The role of government is to protect our equal rights to life and liberty… and to do it well.

The federal reserve bank is a private corporation and is the largest holder of our national debt (1.6 trillion last I heard). There is no reason for this. The US should be able to issue its own currency, debt-free.

And a note to the gold bugs: “Fiat” simply means legal tender. If you promote gold standard, then you are promoting a gold-fiat system, a system where the only way to pay your taxes is with gold. That’s what the Currency Act of 1764 (and the Stamp Act of 1765) did to the colonies, wrecking their economy and driving them to revolution.

I'm really getting tired of hearing calls for the 2nd American Revolution, especially when it's over this issue or that, "states rights" or whatever lame excuse you hear these days.

Debt-free currency and the end of fractional reserve lending is the biggest prod you can give to the assholes who run our society.   Poke THAT bear with a stick and see if he doesn’t get up and fight.

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