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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Gulliver 2016

Lilliput is torn between to rival factions, the Big-enders and the Little-enders. They have been at war for many decades, fighting over how Austerity is to be achieved.

The Big-enders, so-named for breaking their soft boiled eggs on the big end, want to cut and ultimately eliminate all social spending, anything to remove what they consider as a terrible burden on our economy.

The Little-enders, the hoi poloi who break their soft boiled eggs on the little end, want to raise taxes and reduce military spending, all in order to reduce the deficit and retain what little is left of social spending.

Gulliver needs to put his foot down, between the two factions, and end this issue once and for all. Prosperity, not austerity, for all the Lilliputians.

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  1. Hey Mr. Etzel,

    I recently sent you an email to etzel33 @hotmail and was wondering if you received it or if you use a different email these days. I'm a big fan of your work here in PA D-5. I look forward to connecting!

    Julian Subick